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Hillbilly Silver Anniversary
© By D. Eric Williams

Eric and Kimberly Williams, 1982

Dedicated to

Kimberly Kay Williams

my beautiful
and loving wife
and a best friend of (more than) 25 years.

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(To be read with a hillbilly accent and cadence)

My wife and me been together a mighty long time.
Been more years than most serve for a crime.

We fight we squabble we holler we scream,
but thet's just the milk what comes with the cream.

I wouldn't trade her I tell yah I won't.
If you say I think otherwise I tell yah I don't.

She's quite the looker, real purty I know,
that's prob-be why we got nine kids in tow.

I know life with me is oft-times a chore;
seems that some days I'm dense as a door,

but she stays with it - she's loyal yah see.
I know there wern't no other woman for me.

We're looking forward to plenty more years.
I'm sure they be laughter along with some tears,

and no doubt about it, I tell yah it's true;
My darlin' my honey, I will always love you.

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