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Earl Kitchener
© 12.06.08 By D. Eric Williams

This poem was originally published under the pseudonym ‘Bill Davis.'

Now is the time for a stiff upper lip
To emulate Kitchener of old.
Who in battle did go down with his men
With expression becalmed and yet bold.

This is the time for a boot strap resolve
A willingness to go it alone.
We are wrong to think our problems are licked
By a savior ascending the throne.

There is no room for a faint heart response
Per the falsehood of ease we've been sold.
For this is a fouling of our own nest
In our hands the solution we hold.

And so we should hark to earlier days
When ancestors travailed sans aid.
When courage and iron people possessed
And for work they accomplished were paid.

Refuse the untruth of spreading the wealth
The escape of a regime change gain.
Banish envy, sloth and gambling loot
And embrace the renewal of pain.

Our forebears knew it was bounden on them
To effect of themselves a success.
They assumed the confined role of the state
And waited upon God to be blessed.

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