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Healing In His Wings
© D. Eric Williams

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Her pale luminosity I saw when I awoke;
A glow upon the snow swept ground vague light behind the smoke
Of chimneys cold on rooftops chill and bare.
With unblinking eye she gazed at me, a dead and frigid stare.

I cowered beneath a woolen cloak, ‘neath the quilted down;
Quailed below the frosty look, a grey and mottled frown
Of an ancient reflection nothing more.
Yet somehow it kept me on the cot afraid to brave the floor.

I hoped that I was foolish, all my thoughts without a base;
There was no cause for a fear of that dull and ashen face
Looking down on this terrestrial ball.
And so I resolved to rise and stride manfully through my hall.

Covers were flung up and away from my courageous self;
I reached with unwieldy hands for a light upon the shelf
Beside the bed but nothing there was found.
Thus indecision firm held me fast - and then I heard a sound.

Creatures which stir only at night, under the goddess reign;
Monsters, goblins and ogres growl, look forward to the pain
Brought by their ugly faces to my mind.
These things had come to throttle me in the dark where I was blind.

Then all at once through shuttered eyes I saw the trumpet blast;
Majesty had roused himself to take back the land at last
From innumerable foes so it seemed.
I felt no shame in my cowardice - by grace I am redeemed.

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