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Amos and Job Advise
© D. Eric Williams

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Can you bind the daughters of Atlas?
Can you ungird the Hunter's sash?
Do the stars revolve at your command,
the Bear have you turned with your lash?

Then why this your insolent anger,
arrogance without due remorse?
Beware lest you find time is finished,
you come to the end of your course.

For this life is swift, ever running
away toward the unchanging end.
Yet hope still remains if you grasp it
and learn you need break not just bend.

Mind, He made the daughter's of Atlas.
He gave Orion belt and sword.
He brings decay to fruition
and rains ruin upon earth's lord.

Therefore turn and bow to the Master;
the One who destroys day with night.
Lest His anger fall on your fortress,
make peace with the Prince of pure light.

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