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Grand Adventure: Part One
© 2003 By D. Eric Williams

The Grand Adventure has roots in eternity when the Hero, the son of The Most High, agreed to ransom a tribe from out of Humanity for Himself. Oddly, this was determined before Humanity even existed; before any ransom was even required.

The ransom agreement was a blood oath which obligated the Hero to spill His own blood on behalf of those he chose for His tribe. All of Humanity was placed under the oath as well. Each and every person had to decide who they would follow. If one joined the tribe of the Hero it meant he could rest assured the Hero would fulfil the terms of the blood oath for him. To reject the Hero meant a person would fulfill the terms of the oath on his own. In other words, rejection of the Hero's ransom offer meant one was obligated to satisfy the demands of The Most High - or pay with his own life.

When the quest was first revealed to Humanity, it was a sketchy affair. Nothing more was understood, I think, than the fact the Hero would someday crush His arch enemy the Dragon by at last fulfilling the terms of the blood oath. Even the nature of the blood oath was not fully understood at first. Yet, over the course of Human history, the details of the oath became more clear and Humanity was progressively given more knowledge of those details. It became more and more difficult for anyone to claim they occupied a middle ground.

The day arrived when the Hero invaded time and space - invaded human history and brought about a cosmic upheaval. From that day forward there was no division between heaven and earth, between time and eternity. The Hero fulfilled the terms of the blood oath - something no one else could do - and invited Humanity to join Him in His quest. His quest is to establish the kingdom of the Most High and make it known that heaven and earth have become one in Him. This is the Grand Adventure.

Every one of us has a choice to make. Will we play a part in the Grand Adventure on the side of the Hero or will we oppose Him? It's entirely possible to join the Hero in His quest and then later find yourself collecting Gold Stamps instead, trying to please the Hero with your own goodness. That's easily remedied: throw away your Gold Stamp booklet and run after the Hero with a heart ready for anything. The Grand Adventure is happening all around you; but eyes dulled by the gaudy shine of Gold Stamps often fail to see. There is no such thing as boredom for those who are immersed in the flow of the Hero's quest.

Then there are those who have never joined the cause of the Hero. You are the ones who believe that collecting Gold Stamps in some form or fashion will in fact allow you to experience heaven - celestial glory, nirvana, Assama, Valhalla - whatever you may call it. Deep down you know you can never make it, but for some reason you prefer self deception to submission to the Hero. Your time is running out. Your death is drawing nearer with each passing day. And then it will be too late.

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