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COVID-19 and Christian Action: 2
© 06.23.20 By D. Eric Williams

This article appeared in the June 25 edition of the Cottonwood Chronicle

For several weeks I've used this column to discuss the situation we face concerning the COVID-19. I have talked about overcoming fear, becoming informed, the derived authority of the State and what an obedient walk might look like in this time of fear and confusion. And make no mistake, obedience to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ touches every facet of life; there is a proper way to think and act in light of the coronavirus scare and there is a wrong way to think and act. Thus, it is important to lay out a few practical ideas for the Christian community during this (so-called) coronavirus pandemic.

As mentioned, it is critical for Christian to be well-informed. Therefore, we cannot rely upon the mainstream media or the civil authorities for our information concerning the COVID-19. Even a cursory examination of the data produced by the major news outlets, WHO, the CDC and the President's coronavirus task force reveals a clear pattern of duplicity. On the other hand, there are many experts in the field of epidemiology and related disciplines who have been producing commentary on the coronavirus pandemic for months. Most of the expert - researched based - opinion is diametrically opposed to the propaganda produced by the mainstream media and civil authorities. The fact that there is no actual scientific medical data to back up the "politically correct" narrative means we are wrong to blindly accept it. A Christian must be someone with a sound mind. The person with a sound mind does not accept a position simply because the "authorities" claim it is true.

Hence, the first step of obedience to Christ in this matter is to learn the truth and to boldly proclaim the truth to everyone and anyone who will listen. This includes pushing the issue in conversations, writing letters to the editor, and making contact with civil authorities. (Go Here for 100's of links to articles, papers and videos on the COVID-19).

A second step is to refuse compliance with mandates that have no scientific support and violate our God given liberty. If you do the research, reading the literature on studies conducted concerning antibody testing and so on, it becomes clear the COVID-19 is of no consequence to 99% of the population. In Idaho, the vast majority of the coronavirus fatalities have been among the elderly and infirm. Hence, our resources should be used to protect the portion of our population that is actually vulnerable to the COVID-19. It is a reprehensible that the governor of Idaho shut down the entire state while ignoring the need to provide guidance and resources to those who have the responsibility to protect our most vulnerable population. Moreover, any steps we take to mitigate the threat to our vulnerable population should be voluntary. The state should stand by, employing civil resources only when requested.

Christians should also be at the forefront of the legal effort to turn back the tide of state tyranny. We should support legal action against the governor on behalf of small businesses, churches and individuals. A related issue is the need for a change in the laws allowing the governor to exercise unlimited power over the citizens of Idaho. Christians must contact their legislators and make plans to lobby elected officials next legislative session.

So, it is appropriate for Christians to gather for worship without concern for the state guidelines on how we should do so. Is appropriate for Christians to patronize establishments that have been targeted as "nonessential." Is appropriate for Christians to refuse state mandates to wear a mask (if Idaho follows the example of California and Washington for instance). In other words, Christians must not bow to illegitimate authority. Remember, God is the source of all authority and he "deposits" that authority in particular places here on earth. In this nation and state, God-given authority rests in the federal and state constitutions. Those whom we elect as civil servants must adhere to those foundational documents or their authority is illegitimate and must be resisted.

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