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Animal or Human?
© 05.20.08 By D. Eric Williams

This article appeared in the May 22 edition of the Cottonwood Chronicle

Several British newspapers recently reported that lawmakers in Great Britain are considering the legalization of animal-human hybrid research. In the controversial procedure, human DNA is transported into animal eggs with the resulting embryo being grown in the lab and then harvested for stem cells (stem cells are immature cells that can become many different types of tissue).

In the USA, embryonic stem cell research is permitted (with restricted public funding), but is currently limited to human embryonic study. Even these restrictions may not long survive a new presidential administration.

In any case, the stated goal is to find cures for such conditions as Parkinson's disease as well as pursue the possibility of creating "spare parts" for the diseased or injured. Hence, in the name of scientific advance, we find ourselves regressing to the point of satanism and human sacrifice. For, there is no doubt that the attempt to create a chimerical embryo is satanic and that human life is destroyed - murdered - when embryos are terminated in the process of harvesting stem cells.

Yet, is the goal really the betterment of Mankind, or is there a more sinister reason for the aggressive efforts to legitimatize human embryonic research? Frankly I don't see how Bible believing Christians can miss the satanic nature of this trend.

The fact of the matter is that the push to legalize human-animal hybrid research in Britain is another descending step in Mankind's rebellion against God. You see, when Adam and Eve were persuaded by the Serpent to defy the Creator, they unwittingly joined the Deceiver in his effort to pull all of creation into filth and chaos. It is significant that Satan utilized a serpent - an animal - to approach the first man and woman rather than appear to them in an angelic form. Ever since that time, it has been Satan's goal to reduce Mankind to the level of an animal. This is one of the reasons why the Darwinian theory of evolution is so appealing to the natural mind. Not because there is evidence to support the theory (there isn't), but because it makes Man out to be an animal - highly evolved they say, but an animal nonetheless.

Thus the push to mix animal and human DNA is merely the latest effort at dehumanizing Mankind. And it is not only science that has been enlisted by the forces of darkness in an effort to dirty the human race: Satan's pull toward the animalistic shows up everywhere.

Popular culture promotes animal like behavior with its justification of sexual promiscuity (we see the same thing in the name of religion with the FLDS in Texas), and in the glorification of lawlessness and violence. Government cultivates brutish conduct and irresponsibility in its citizens when it makes people dependant upon the State for their daily bread (as Theodore Dalrymple points out in his book, "Life At The Bottom" governmental welfare schemes are essentially subsidies for immoral and senseless lifestyles). Institutionalized education is the handmaiden of messianic Government and godless science both as it teaches children that they are lineal descendents of beasts who are happier leaving original thought to their more highly evolved betters. Even the Church aids the kingdom of darkness in effecting the "devolution" of man by condoning homosexuality, abortion, or any other activity that devalues human life and denies that man is created in the image of God.

There are those who suggest that opposition to embryonic stem cell research (or abortion or homosexuality and so on), is "single issue theology" and should be avoided. They say that the Church must concern itself with the entire spectrum of human existence and resist any tendency to circumvent its ability to speak out on the vast array of problems facing the modern world. However, hostility toward so-called single issue theology is a smoke screen. It should be clear that human morality is of one piece. When it begins to unravel at the corner, it is damaged in its entirety. Certainly the Church must stand for truth in every circumstance; nevertheless some issues demand our most vocal resistance.

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