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We arrived home from Boise last week in the early hours of Sunday morning. I had over-dosed on caffeine for the drive back and didn't manage to fall asleep until the sun came up later that day. Needless to say I didn't make it to church (I did wake up when Dick Parker rang the bell, but only long enough to find a more comfortable position).

When I finally did roll out of bed the house was quiet and empty (the rest of the family was at church), and not wanting to be a total heathen I decided to spend the morning in prayer. So, after the obligatory morning preparations, I slipped on my flip-flops, stepped outside and started to stroll around town.

I began by praying for my family, praising the Lord Jesus for the great things that have ben happening with us recently and asking Him to provide for us where we have need.

Next I prayed for the pastors in each church, that they would be empowered by the Holy Spirit that morning. Knowing the text that Scott Lundy was teaching from, I specifically asked the Spirit to touch the hearts of the congregation at the Community Church with the message of first Corinthians 13.

Then, as I passed by the Ace Saloon, I prayed that God would get a-hold of the lives of the people in this town who haven't submitted to the Lord Jesus Christ. I prayed that the Born Again folk in this town would reach out to their un-saved friends and neighbors and that we would be willing to be "all things to all people." At t

hat point the Holy Spirit led me to pay for the people in our church as He brought them to mind. As I pictured each face, I found myself praying that the Holy spirit would cause them to be sold out to Jesus; that they would abandon their lives to Christ. Before long I had come full circle - literally and figuratively - and I sat down on my door step, praying that I might be willing to abandon myself to Christ.

Why is it that this wholesale commitment to Christ so often eludes us? Why is it that we wish for revival to sweep the land (that would be easy), but aren't willing to fully submit to Jesus now? Why is it that we try to keep God "in a box" to manage Him to our liking rather than throw away all restraint in pursuit of Him? I think it's because a life abandoned to God is truly a terrifying concept. It would make us stick out like sore thumbs amidst the fingers of life. It would place us in an entirely different realm than the rest of humanity. Nevertheless it's exactly what Jesus expects of us.

I won't try to give you a twelve step plan to achieving an abandoned life. I can tell you that my heart yearns for total abandonment to Jesus even while I fight against it. I can tell you that it starts with the realization that there is something more to the Christian life than the status quo. And I can tell you that it starts with the desire for total commitment.

So, yes, pray for revival; but pray first that your life will be abandoned to Jesus Christ.

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