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Closing Thoughts

It may seem odd for me to say this, considering this is a booklet about good sex, but a closing piece of advise I'll give you is to make sure sex is not the primary focus of your life. In my career as a counselor and teacher it seems to me that people who place an undue emphasis on sex live a degraded life. I don't necessarily mean they are low life kind of people. What I mean is that their quality of life is diminished. That may show up in a variety of ways. Sometimes I see it in the haunted existence of a man who feels by turns insanely jealous and slavishly needy. I see it in couples who view all sex as "casual" even the supposedly committed relationship they have with each other.

The proper place of sex in your life is as a complement and support to a well rounded relationship. Sex should be fun. Sex should be relaxing. When you experience sexual union in a committed relationship wherein both partners are cultivating habits of love, sex does not take center stage but gives a glow to the scenery.

The real message of this book is that good sex is built upon a good relationship. Your sex life is often a barometer, revealing the health of your marital bond but you should never consider it the engine that drives your relationship. This book is telling you that you need to prioritize the partnership you have with your spouse. It is the most important human attachment you'll ever experience.

Furthermore this book is telling you that all good things require cultivation. Even a naturally gifted athlete cannot expect to excel in their chosen sport unless they practice the fundamentals. If they do that, they won't have to think about what to do when they're in the middle of a game. They'll act according to the character they've developed through hours and hours of practice.

That's what you're shooting for as a member of the marital partnership. You want to have practiced the habits we've talked about in this book to the point that you don't even have to think about how to behave. It will be a natural expression of your loving character.

To conclude, I encourage you to relish the opportunity you have to know the depths of another human being - and that isn't supposed to be some sort of a sexual pun. I really mean it. As wonderful as the intimacy of lovemaking can be, it pales in comparison to the wonder of knowing another human being as well as you know yourself.

A Man's Guide To Great Sex Starting Today

Chapter One: The Foundation Of Good Sex
Chapter Two: Physical Health Is Sexual Health
Chapter Three: Mental Health Is Sexual Health
Chapter Four: The Act Of Making Love
Chapter Five: Keeping It Real Fresh And Satisfying
Closing Thoughts

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