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Chapter Fifteen: The Fury Of The Fiend

Hatred, fury, savagery, death - emanated from the fiend as it ran blindly from the Guardian. The creature raged, tearing at its own body in frustration. After some time the beast found its way to the dark dankness of an abandoned warehouse. Climbing over years of accumulated junk, the demon moved with familiarity to the isolated center of the building. It huddled beneath the collapsing roof, hissing and sighing. Every few minutes the monster tore at it's scalp, while the sound of a death rattle rushed from its mouth. It concluding each episode by pounding taloned fists against the filthy concrete floor.

A gnawing need for death tore at its belly. The hatred it felt for humanity, the special blood lust it nurtured for the Guardians, these things had to be fed. It craved the nectar of violent death.

For centuries the creature had waged war against the Guardians. Though some had died, many more had survived. It knew it was no match for two Guardians and it knew that Guardians often worked in tandem. Thus, its method had always been to find a Guardian who was alone, or when there were two, to eliminate one if possible. It was then that it was most able to work its special magic of confusion. Over several millennium it had evolved to become a creature seeking the Guardians as its natural prey. But it found its present quarry stronger than expected. It had hoped to destroy the lone Guardian this night. It had planned to kill the other soon after. Then it would continue the hunt for the woman who carried a new member of the Guardian race. The demon was not the only one of its kind, but its numbers were dwindling. Driven to destroy its enemies but unable to satisfy that lust this night, the fiend felt a rising tide of vexation. It had to destroy human life, now, tonight. And if a Guardian was not to be had, then a substitute would do.

The creature suddenly went still, it's knotted hands resting on the dirty floor. Its eyes, like the bottomless pit of hell, gazed into the darkness. After several minutes the creature rose to full height and began to make its way around the cast offs that littered the abandoned warehouse. Once outside it moved toward a nearby residential area and stalked through the darkened streets, head raised as if attempting to scent its prey. All once the monster stopped, a shudder ran through its body as it slowly turned toward the dark face of the nearest house. Then, it moved slowly to the front door. The creature seemed to be listening as it pressed its reptilian hands against the wooden door. It hesitated a moment and then it hooked its claws in the narrow gap between the door and the doorpost. What once appeared as a solid being slowly faded and disappeared as the demon poured through the gaps around the door. On the other side a fluid like substance accumulated and slowly reformed into the hideous shape of the monster. Pausing just a moment, the creature began to climb the stairs leading to the bedrooms. It came to a door leading off the hallway and stopped. Once again, the demon changed form and bled through the narrow gaps surrounding the door.

The husband and wife sleeping in the room were unaware of the grotesque shape taking form just a few feet from where they lay. Once the creature had regained "solid" form it stepped forward and loomed over the bed. It appeared as a dark shadow as it slowly extended a claw festooned hand toward the head of the woman who lay sleeping. All at once, the woman opened her eyes and screamed. Her husband was instantly awake and found himself in an unspeakable nightmare. He launched himself toward the dark demon but where the monster should have been he felt only a deep penetrating cold. Terror filled his soul as he rolled to his back, his wife shielded behind him. His eyes could see the horrible thing before him but each time he struck out with a hand or foot he felt nothing but the cold, a zone of frozen space where the monster should have been. Then he felt the pain. Searing, red hot pain as the creature clawed at him, trying to rip him away from the woman who huddled beneath his protection. His mind could not grasp how the demon could be there and not there. How it could touch him and harm him but he could do nothing in return. He could only lay there and feel the claws of the monster shred his skin. He began to scream in pain and terror. Then with a sweeping blow, the creature threw him across the room, his lacerated body coming to rest against the far wall.

Finding herself exposed to the monster, the woman scrabbled away and fell to the floor on the opposite side of the bed, she desperately tried to find refuge under the bed frame, but her pregnant belly prevented her. She screamed with every breath as the demon slowly walked around the bed. She screamed as the creature stepped forward and reached toward her with one long finger, the ragged talon directed at her face. She felt a piercing cold immediately replaced by a white hot heat as the monster's claw entered her skin.

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