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Still Clueless In America
© 09.19.07 By D. Eric Williams

On Monday, September 17, 2007 American people were treated to yet another a display of open police brutality here on American soil. It's not as if this is the first time this has ever happened in our country - even in recent memory. But the circumstances surrounding this wanton act of violence are chilling.

The event took place during a John Kerry speech at the University of Florida in Gainesville on Constitution Day. The situation was this; during a question-and-answer time a 21-year-old journalism student named Andrew Meyer, approached the microphone and launched into a rambling screed concerning Kerry's lost election bid. Although it was difficult to pick out, Mr. Meyer did actually ask a question along the lines of, "why did you allow an obviously fraudulent win on the part of Bush to go undisputed?" Mr. Meyer also asked Senator Kerry why the good senator was unwilling to push for an impeachment of George Bush considering the fact that Bush is about to initiate military action against Iran. Somewhere in the rant, as I recall, Mr. Meyer brought up the fact that impeachment proceedings were initiated against Bill Clinton for his personal sins and yet George Bush the war monger goes on his merry way.

The official police report tries to paint Andrew Meyer as hostile and aggressive. However, the video clips circulating on the internet prove otherwise. Although Andrew Meyer seems to be a bit of a moron, he was clearly no threat to the good Senator. Nonetheless the event director (Max Tyroler), turned off Meyer's microphone and sent in the police to escort the young man out of the auditorium, saying that, "he had said enough." At this point, according to the videotaped evidence, a mob of police rushed Mr. Meyer and began to drag him from the auditorium. All the while poor Mr. Meyer shouted and screamed "What are you doing, I've done nothing wrong, why are you doing this?!" Throughout the entire incident the sheeplike audience did nothing to stop the madness while John Kerry, war hero and friend of the down-trodden, stood on the stage in silence.

Mr. Meyer was then dragged to the rear of the auditorium. As he was struggling with the police goons he was taken to the ground or fell (it's difficult to tell on the film), and was tasered. According to the police report an initial attempt to taser Mr. Meyer failed and a second attempt was successful. This caused Andrew Meyer to scream piteously which finally brought a reaction from one or two of the students in the auditorium. Meanwhile that stalwart champion of human rights, Senator John Kerry, remained silent, apparently watching with bemused interest from the stage. At some point you can hear Kerry's voice say something to the effect of "calm down everyone let's just cool down." Well-said Senator; except that if the young buffoons in the room had been any more calm they would have been comatose.

The amateur films continue and Mr. Meyer is forcibly removed from the auditorium, taken down a flight of stairs and eventually loaded into a cop car to be taken away. The entire time he continued to say things like, "what have I done wrong, why are you arresting me, don't take me away." He also said to bystanders "tell people what's happening, don't let them kill me, they're taking me to the government." In the meantime the intrepid law enforcement officers repeatedly tell Mr. Meyer that he is being arrested for "inciting a riot." Video footage and additional information can be found at www.DrudgeReport.com

There are a number of things that are deeply disturbing about this incident. First and foremost, of course, is the fact that the police believe they have the right to curtail the exercise of free speech. This is ridiculous - even if the person speaking is a moron. Andrew Meyer came across like a 13-year-old, but that doesn't mean he should be dragged away by armed police; immaturity is not a crime. Whoever was handling the event should have had enough intelligence to deal with someone like Andrew Meyer. As a public speaker I have run across his type and with a bit of finesse and friendliness it is fairly easy to redirect their ranting and move past the incident.

Which brings me to another issue of concern. John Kerry is clearly a craven cowering jerk. How anyone can believe that John "Harvey Milquetoast" Kerry has the mojo to stand for truth and justice is beyond me. The man is a pompous ass. There is no way he should be Senator let alone president of the United States. As far as I'm concerned this is another wonderful piece of evidence supporting the need to amend the Constitution to limit the terms of our elected officials. It's time to get these jerks out of office and put some real people in there. If Kerry was any kind of a man or leader of men he would have left his place on the stage and gone to the aid of Andrew Meyer - the student's infantile behavior notwithstanding.

The third thing that really bugs me is the way people stood around and watched this happen. The police claim that Andrew Meyer was inciting a riot; that is just plain laughable. There was no riot and never any indication that a riot was going to take place within the lifetime of anyone present. It was more like an auditorium full of brain-dead stroke victims. No one did anything. Everyone stood around wearing sheepish grins or blank looks. There was one point when Mr. Meyer was on the floor at the back of the auditorium with six cops on top of him that a redheaded coed started screaming something like "what are you doing, why you doing that to him!?" Some riot. And this from a room full of children who undoubtedly pride themselves on being counter culture, independent thinking, edgy hipsters. Yet faced with unbridled police state power they meekly sat by with their thumbs in their mouths.

We live in perilous times. Perilous because this nation is full of spineless, mindless cretins. The population at large is made up of this sort and the people who sit in positions of authority are no different. We live in a police state and nobody cares. I wonder what it will take to wake us up?

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