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An Explanatory Rendering Of The Revelation: Chapter Five
© 02.07.2016 By D. Eric Williams

The Following is an excerpt from Apocalypse: An Explanatory Rendering Of The Revelation That Will Forever Alter Your Understanding Of The Tribulation, The Beast And The End Times

Jesus' Mediation Confirmed (Continued)
The second section of The Revelation is a historical survey establishing the qualifications of the designated covenant head. It includes a recitation of the current relationship between the subjects and the mediator as well as a display of the mediatorial abilities of the Sovereign's representative. In other words, the representative is recognized as qualified by his right relationship with the Sovereign, in the way he has previously dealt with the subjects of the king and by his ability to properly mediate the law.

The Revelation, Chapter Five
1. In my spiritual sight, I, John, see that the Ancient of Days exercises judicial oversight concerning the execution of the covenant. He does not allow its sanctions to be realized unless his conditions are met.

2. The Eternal Son proposes a rhetorical question to the Father and to all of creation: "Is there anyone who meets the criteria demanded by the Ancient of Days, anyone who can fulfill the terms of the covenant and so apply its sanctions - both blessing and cursing?"

3. The answer is no. No angel, man or other created being has met the requirements set forth by God. No one has fulfilled the terms of the covenant and so no one can effectuate it.

4. I, John, weep over this circumstance. God has made a covenant with his people but now it seems the covenant will never be realized because no man has met the requirements for reclaiming Adam's position of covenantal executor.

5. However, it is made known to me by an old covenant power that in fact there is someone who has lived in complete obedience to the Father and so has fulfilled the terms of the covenant. It is someone who lays claim to the Abrahamic promises and the Davidic promises. That someone is authorized to effectuate the covenant.

6. Suddenly my spiritual sight enables me to understand that at the center of the old covenant has always been the Christ. I understood that Jesus who died on the cross is God himself, having all power and all knowledge.

7. After he was crucified and buried, after he rose from the dead and ascended into heaven he had finished the work of meeting the coven-ant stipulations and so he is qualified to effectuate the covenant; qualified to open it, discern its contents and issue orders of binding arbitration to all of creation.

8. Once he has done this the process of closing out the old covenant era begins. All of creation now looks to Jesus, the Lamb that was slain as their representative before God. The powers of the old covenant era recognize Jesus' lordship and the members of the new covenant era begin to ask him to conclude the old age and fully realize the new.

9. All creation, old covenant powers and new covenant saints, recognize Jesus as the rightful executor of the covenant. This is so because he is the last Adam, having undone the disorder brought about by the sin of the first Adam. Jesus died in the place of God's people and is bringing into the covenant, people from the four corners of the globe.

10. Those who come into the covenant share in Jesus' rule, bringing their arena of activity under the lordship of Jesus the Christ. They also have the privilege of leading many Jews to a knowledge of the truth.

11. At the conclusion of Christ's death, resurrection, and ascension, every power and authority in creation burst forth,

12. giving voice to praise for what Jesus has accomplished. Acknowledging that his death on behalf of God's people earned him unqualified power and working resources and wisdom, strength, honor, glory and blessing.

13. Then all of creation did the same, for the old age is coming to an end and the glorious new age of the Son of Man, the age of the eschaton Adam is beginning.

14. The powers of the old age and the old covenant rulers acknowledged that it was right for their time to end and they paid homage to Jesus, the newly recognized king.

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