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An Explanatory Rendering Of The Revelation: Chapter Four
© 01.24.2016 By D. Eric Williams

The Following is an excerpt from Apocalypse: An Explanatory Rendering Of The Revelation That Will Forever Alter Your Understanding Of The Tribulation, The Beast And The End Times

Jesus' Mediation Confirmed (Continued)
The second section of The Revelation is a historical survey establishing the qualifications of the designated covenant head. It includes a recitation of the current relationship between the subjects and the mediator as well as a display of the mediatorial abilities of the Sovereign's representative. In other words, the representative is recognized as qualified by his right relationship with the Sovereign, in the way he has previously dealt with the subjects of the king and by his ability to properly mediate the law.

The Revelation, Chapter Four
1. After Jesus finishes with his messages to the seven churches of Asia Minor, I, John, understand I am about to be given insight into the events soon to unfold. I hear the trumpet-like voice telling me to look into heaven where I see a symbolic representation of reality.

2. Suddenly, I see through spiritual eyes, seeing and understanding things I could not see or understand by natural sight. There I see that all history and creation are ruled by one who is not of this world. I see that the earthly tabernacle was a replication of the heavenly one and the new earthly tabernacle, the Church, and the heavenly tabernacle are one.

3. My spiritual sight enables me to see that it is the Ancient of Days who rules - he ruled in the old covenant age and he rules in the new covenant age as well. I am reminded that he had once destroyed every living thing on the earth but had promised to never do it again. However, destruction of a kind is coming.

4. Others rule under the authority of the Ancient of Days. They look to him and surround him. They are representative of the old covenant age, the age of a priestly caste.

5. God in the old covenant is the same as he is in the new covenant. He remains the glorious omniscient Yahweh. The omnipresent, complete, Holy Spirit remains the same. Again, God, the Ancient of Days is completely other.

6. There is a terrible distance between God and mankind; humanity is frozen out of relationship on all but God's terms. Worship of God by all of creation is mandated. And God has eyes everywhere, omnipresent in his creation and all knowing.

7. The four corners of creation are ruled by God: wild beasts, live-stock, humanity and even the devil himself are ruled by God and rule in their sphere by God's direction. Indeed, the events about to take place are ruled by powers identified with each sphere of creation. Moreover, all aspects of creation give praise to God.

8. The powers that rule the old creation give shape to God's omnipresence. They do his bidding. What they do is done as continual praise to God. Indeed, they lead all of creation in praise to the Ancient of Days.

9. At the turning of the ages, the powers ruling the old creation (the old covenant world) summon all of creation to praise the everlasting God for what he is doing.

10. The old covenant glorifies God and is designed to make way for the fulfillment of God's promises. In my spiritual sight I see the powers ruling under the old covenant dispensation praise the Ancient of Days and voluntarily give up their authority as the old covenant age comes to a conclusion.

11. Those powers acknowledge that God deserves glory and honor and power because he can do whatever he wants with his creation. The created realm is by him and for him and designed to unfold his purpose.

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