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An Explanatory Rendering Of The Revelation: Chapter Three
© 01.16.2016 By D. Eric Williams

The Following is an excerpt from Apocalypse: An Explanatory Rendering Of The Revelation That Will Forever Alter Your Understanding Of The Tribulation, The Beast And The End Times

Jesus' Mediation Confirmed (Continued)
The second section of The Revelation is a historical survey establishing the qualifications of the designated covenant head. It includes a recitation of the current relationship between the subjects and the mediator as well as a display of the mediatorial abilities of the Sovereign's representative. In other words, the representative is recognized as qualified by his right relationship with the Sovereign, in the way he has previously dealt with the subjects of the king and by his ability to properly mediate the law.

The Revelation, Chapter Three
1. "To the leaders in the church in Sardis say: 'The one from whom proceeds the perfect Holy Spirit (by whom is empowered the Church leadership) says this: I know what you are doing and that you appear to be spiritual but are worldly.

2. 'Watch out! Strengthen the graces you still have for they are in danger of being taken away. From my point of view your works do not align with God's law.

3. 'Remember what you were taught and live in obedience to that doctrine. Repent of your disobedience. If you do not, I will come up-on you in sudden and unexpected judgment.

4. 'You do have some in Sardis who indeed have walked even as I have walked. As a reward they will continue to grow in Christlikeness.

5. 'He who proves his new birth by steadfast Holy Spirit empowered obedience will remain in covenant relationship with me and I will make sure his name is known to my Father and his angels.

6. 'Anyone who has ears should listen to the what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church. '"

7. "To the leadership in the Philadelphia church say: 'The one who is set apart, who is genuine, who shoulders the kingly authority of David, who gives access to the covenant promises and denies access to the covenant; this is what I say:

8. 'I know what is going on there. So look, I've opened a door to the covenant promises right in front of you and no one can shut it! I know you do not have the same local influence as the assembly of the children of Satan. But you have obeyed me and have not denied me.

9. 'Watch! I'll make the assembly of the children of Satan who say they are Jews, in covenant with God but are not and speak lies; I will make them fall at your feet like the persecuting heathens they really are. They will discover that God's love is reserved for all who relate to him in Jesus Christ, not for those who continue in a perversion of the old covenant ways.

10. 'Because you have endured in your obedience to me I will keep you from the tribulation that is about to come upon the entire Roman world. This is about to happen so that the Jews in Palestine (and Jews elsewhere who continue to embrace temple-centered Judaism) will be judged.

11. 'I am coming in judgment on old Israel very soon. Continue in quiet submission to me so that you might substantiate your new birth and be empowered to bring your sphere of influence under my authority.

12. 'He who remains true to his confession of faith will maintain his role as my temple without interruption. This one will be called God's true child and a citizen of his heavenly kingdom and a Christian.

13. 'He who is really listening, let him hear what the Holy Spirit says to the Church.'"

14. "To the leaders in the church at Laodicea say: 'These are the things said to you by the amen, the genuine and absolute witness, the beginning and head of God's new covenant order.

15. 'I know who you are. I know that you do not do one thing or the other to see my authority recognized in your life and arena of activity and so you are useless! Clearly, it would be better for you to do some-thing productive on my behalf.

16. 'But because you are neither this nor that, because you are good for nothing, I will treat you like those who are outside the covenant and cut you off from the covenant blessings!

17. 'You say you are super spiritual and don't need to concern your-self with God's word. In truth you are wretched, miserable, spiritually destitute, spiritually blind and out from under the protection of the covenant.

18. 'So, I tell you to get right religion. Embrace my covenant conditions so you will be under my protection. Walk in the power of the Holy Spirit so you will not play the part of the foolish hypocrite. Cry out for spiritual sight so you will recognize the disaster that looms before you.

19. 'Keep in mind that I bring chastening to my true followers so they will be cut to heart and be sorry for their sins.

20. 'You see, once someone has made a confession of faith I am loath to let them go. I will pursue you and if you respond to the wooing of the Holy Spirit I will reestablish covenant fellowship with you.

21. 'The one who remains in the faith will rule in their own God-given arena of responsibility even as I rule all creation which is my sphere of God-given responsibility.

22. 'If anyone is really listening then let him hear and understand what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church.'"

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