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The Edge Of The Abyss
© 08.06.09 By D. Eric Williams

Obama the Socialist JokerWe stand at the edge of the abyss. This nation has been steadily moving left for a least two generations but in the past year that steady drift toward the left has become a mad rush into blatant socialism.

Beginning with the troubled asset relief program (initiated by a Republican president in late 2008), we have seen the federal government grow in power and intrusiveness at an unprecedented rate. The new Democratic administration along with a Democratic majority in the House and Senate have pushed through billions of dollars in socialistic programs: the stimulus bill which stimulated nothing except the federal bureaucracy; the nationalization of the banks and two of the big three automakers; the attempts to force our children to participate in mandatory community "service;" the attempt to tax energy and the push to nationalize health care and so on. All of these actions are a blatant attempt to destroy this nation as we know it and to bring the entire populace into servitude to the federal power.

The citizens of Main Street America are up in arms and have made their position very clear in "tea parties" and town hall meetings all across the land. Nevertheless, our elected officials describe this grass-roots phenomenon as "anti-democratic" mob agitation. They claim that it is evidence of orchestration by the big insurance companies, the Republican party and other right wing radical special interest groups hoping to hurt the Obama presidency.

Elected officials claim that people arrive at the town hall meetings overdressed and so, clearly, they are not true middle class Americans. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claimed that the citizens desperate to be heard are merely "the fringe that is trying to mess up our meetings." Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has even said that people are arriving with swastikas in hand to protest the socialist agenda. Well, if people do arive at the meetings bearing handmade signs with swastikas it is because they were comparing the tactics of Obama and company with the tactics of Hitler's Germany. Clearly the leftists are providing cover for themselves in anticipation of shoving nationalized healthcare down the collective throat of the people.

It is my belief that no matter what we do, this nation will be overthrown by the fascist junta currently in power. I do not believe that they will back down from their stated goal of destroying this nation and bringing their vision of a socialistic utopia to pass. Make no mistake, the goal of Obama and company is not to strengthen this nation but to destroy it. The goal of Obama and company is not to make things better for the citizens of the United States but to enslave them. The goal of Obama and company is not to serve the American people but to rule them with an iron fist.

Nevertheless, we cannot give up the fight once the leftists win this round. Instead we must retreat to a secure position and continue the battle.

The logical way to defend ourselves against the federal leviathan is to take shelter behind the bulwark of the individual state governments. This is not to say that we currently have governors and state legislators that are tough enough and smart enough to buck the federal power. A few governors have used tough words to denounce the actions of Obama and company but when the chips are down I doubt they will carry through on their promises to protect the citizens of their various states. Thus we must seek to recapture civil government at the precinct level. Our circumstance will begin to change as individual Christians endeavor to bring their sphere of influence under the authority of Jesus Christ - including civil government at the local level.

There is no freedom apart from submission to Jesus Christ. There is no freedom apart from a people and a nation that looks to the law of God as the absolute authority in all areas of life. It is only as the individual Christian brings his life and arena of activity under the Lordship of Jesus that lasting change is brought to a society. Evangelism and kingdom living are now, and will always be, the order of the day.

Certainly we must do all that we can to wrest control of the federal political process from the hands of those who hate this nation and its Christian heritage. This of course is part of our sphere of influence as Christians - especially in this nation. We have the privilege - indeed the right - to participate in the government of this land. However, we cannot neglect local government even as we do our very best to put the brakes on the communistic onslaught we face at the national level. The only way we will be able to stop this leftist juggernaut once and for all is by strengthening our local and state governments. And the only way we can do that is by bringing our local governments under the authority of Jesus Christ.

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